The Academic Mahti of Tampere

The Academic Mahti of Tampere is a sports union for the students and staff of the University of Tampere that aims to improve and increase the available opportunities to exercise in versatile fitness, competitive or professional sports and to support low threshold exercise. Mahti organizes various courses, sport introductions and exercise events. We also provide interested students with opportunities to find each other in sport clubs and to keep in touch with both previously familiar and completely new sports.

Becoming a member of the Mahti requires a payment of the member fee, which can be paid annually, or for a lifetime. The member fee for a year is 5,1e, and the membership for a lifetime costs 20e. If you feel like joining into the sport divisions, first you need to pay the member fee of Mahti, and then the member fee of the division. The fees of the divisions are alternative, and you can check the prices from the internet site of Mahti. The membership fees can be paid by the online shop of Mahti: If trainings are held in Atalpa, also Unipolisport fee is required.

In Mahti we have nine different sport divisions from which you can choose the sport you are interested of:

Mahti Disc Golf

During the fall and the spring period, disc golf will be played weekly at Vihioja. The club also organizes game trips around Finland, cottage trips, barbeque nights, sauna- trips and monthly competitions.

Contact information:


Joonas Tamminen

Mahti Football/ Futsal

Mahti Football club offers possibilities to play football and futsal on a professional or on a casual level. During the school year of 2018-2019 there will be teams for both man and woman. Every member of the Mahti is welcomed to the training sessions. If you are interested of playing in one of the teams of the Mahti Football, please contact the club by the email mentioned below.

Futsal will be played at Atalpa from the start of September.

-Tuesdays 20:30-22:00
-Thursdays 18.30-20:00

Contact information:



Mahti Gymnastics

Mahti Gymnastics offers training possibilities for the people who have background in team-, rhythm- or dance gymnastics. From the members of the Mahti Gymnastics you can also find new friends with whom to go for a run or to the gym with.

Mahti gymnastics practices at Atalpa twice in a week

-Mondays 20-22

-Thursdays 16-17.30

Contact information:

Viivi Länsmans



TUHO – Tampere University Ice Hockey

If you are interested of ice hockey, you can become a member of TUHO. The practices are open for everyone, so you can participate into them weekly or casually, whatever suits for you. Unipolisport fee is required.

You can also become a member of the team of active players, when you are able to join to the games and tournaments as well.

There will be practices weekly at Hervanta

-Thursdays 6.9. – 20.12.2018 and 3.1. – 28.3.2019 at 8.45 – 10.00.

Contact information:


Antti Kinnunen

Mahti Basketball

For basketball players there is Mahti Basketball club, where you can find teams for both man and woman. Practices are open for everyone, even if you don’t feel like participating for the serial games.

Basketball practices are organized weekly at Atalpa

For men: Thursdays at 19:30-21

For woman: Mondays at 18-19

Contact information:


Men’s team: perttila.robert.v(a)

Women’s team: ruuska.eveliina.i(a)

Mahti Volleyball

Mahti Volleyball club has teams for both man and woman. If you are interested of playing volleyball, and participating for the practices, games and tournaments, Mahti Volleyball warmly welcomes you to become a member of the club.

The men’s team practices twice in a week at Atalpa

-Tuesdays 16.00 – 17.30
-Wednesdays 19.00 – 20.30

Women’s team practices weekly at Atalpa

-Mondays 19-20.30

Contact information:


Mens team: koukkula.topias.o(a)

Womans team: saali.linda.c(a)


Mahti Horseback Riding

Mahti Horseback Riding club organizes visits to horse stables, horseback riding trial lessons, horse hiking trips, horseback riding camps and other events regarding horses. Everyone from the beginners to the old hands are welcomed to participate to the activities of the Mahti Horseback riding club.

Contact Information:



Mahti Floorball

Mahti Floorball club is open for everyone interested of floorball despite the previous experience. The club organizes practices around the year at Atalpa for the members of the club.

Contact information:



Mahti Badminton

Mahti Badminton club warmly welcomes everyone interested of badminton to become a member of the club. At the spring time there will be annual championship tournament of badminton for the players of the Mahti Badminton club, where you can participate for the casual or for the professional level games.

The badminton club practices at Atalpa

-Thursdays 17.30-18.30

-Saturdays 12.00-13.00 (3 courts)

Contact information: