Akateeminen Mahti

Night Floorball Tournament 2016 is here!

This popular event is coming again at Wednesday 23.11. Games start at 18.00 and are played at Atalpa. The best team gets an award, but there is also a competition of which team is dressed the best and which team has the best team spirit!

So gather around a mixed team of at least four people and come and fight for the University’s championship and have a great time! The participation fee is only 25e for the team. The enrolment starts at 4.11. and closes at 18.11, the due date for the payment is also at 18.11.

The payment instructions

Account: FI71 1146 3001 1286 90

Fee: 25 euros

Index number: 8099

Message field: Yösähly/Teams name

The enrolment happens to Moisio.M.Matleena(a)student.uta.fi

In the enrolment tell the
– Name of your team and number of players
– If you played last year, the ranking you got
– Contact person’s name, email and phone number

Note also, that in case of cancellations the payment will not be returned and if your team has to cancel please let us know straight away! If you have your own stick take it with you, but there are also sticks at Atalpa that you can borrow.

After party
After the games the teams can go to YTHS sauna for free during 20-02. At the sauna there is also some snacks and alcohol free drinks for the teams!

Beach volley tournament by UtaSport!

Utasport’s sport-tutors arrange beach volley tournament for students. Tournament will be played on Thursday 14 of September. Games starts 12 am and ends around 6 pm. Event location is Pyynikki’s beach (near Hotel Rosendahl, and tennisfields). It takes about 15 minutes to get there by bike from University, and bus number 25 takes you near aswell. Tournament is FREE.

Tournament is just about having fun. Any winning teams won’t be awarded, and you dont need any experience of beach volley to attendance. Theres only one division, so boys and girls play together. Teams can be full men, or full female, or something in the middle. It’s up to you. Games will be played with custom rules: four versus four, two periods up to 21 points, and if needed third period to 15 points. You’ll get point from every ball. Every team plays 2 games in starting series, after that some teams will qualify to semi-finals and finals. Recommend size of the team is around 4-6 persons. Every team has official duties atleast in one game (more about that later).

There will be some good music at the event area, so if beach volley wont interest you can just come over and hangout with us. And remember, the main goal of the event is having pure fun!

Because we cannot take unlimited amount of teams, sign up sooner than later. REGISTRATION ENDS IN 5th OF SEPTEMBER 3PM. Contact person can sign full teams by following link:

Introduction to judo 28.4.

WHAT: Introduction to judo
WHERE: Atalpa building, Tampere University
WHEN: Thursday April 28, 14.00-15.30.
COSTS: Free for the members of Utasport, 5,10e for others. http://www.utasport.fi/in-english/

WHAT IS IT?: Judo (“the gentle way”) was created as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy in Japan, in 1882, by Jigoro Kano. Judo is generally categorized as a modern martial art that later evolved into a combat and Olympic sport. Evolving from jujutsu, judo has a heavy emphasis on throws, chokes, joint locks and holds, yet all the most dangerous techniques, such as strikes, have been removed.

In this experiment we intend to teach some basic things about judo, judo training and some self-defense tips. We also aim to teach some strength and agility exercises that people might be unfamiliar with.

There won’t be any throw, choke or joint lock training so the risk of injury is very low in this event. Normal sportswear is sufficient for this session.

ENROLMENT: email: santaharju.jaana.k@student.uta.fi
Please let us know if you are already a member of Utasport ry!