Tampereen Akateeminen Mahti – Sports club for students and staff

Tampereen Akateeminen Mahti is a sports club for the students and staff of the University of Tampere and TAMK. The clubs aim is to improve and increase the available opportunities to exercise in versatile fitness, competitive or professional sports, as well as support low threshold exercise. Mahti is a sports club, which organizes various courses, sport introductions and sports events for students and staff of Tampere University and TAMK. We also provide interested students with opportunities to find each other in sport divisions and to play both previously familiar sports, and discover completely new ones.

You can come and try out to the division practices for free 🙂 You only need to pay a SportUni fee, to be able to go and train in the TAMK or Atalpa building. The SportUNI sports fee should be paid separately to your home university, ( Tampere University, TAMK, TTY) here is some more information.

SportUNI payment info

If you decide to continue in our sports divisions, a payment of the Mahtisports club member fee is required, which can be paid annually (5,10 eur), or for a lifetime (20 eur), as well as the division membership fee.

You can check the Mahti division prices from the official website, from each division’s own pages. All the membership fees can be paid in the online shop of Mahti: https://www.akateeminenmahti.fi/kauppa/

If you have any questions regarding the activities of Mahti, please don’t hesitate to contact the divisions. Mahti is a sports club for all the students and staff of Tampere University and TAMK and we welcome everyone to participate.

In Mahti we have 10 different sport divisions from which you can choose the sport you are interested of:

You can also contact us through: 


Mahti on Facebook

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Mahti soccer & futsal 

Mahti soccer & futsal division offers possibilities to play soccer and futsal on a professional or on a casual level. During the school year of 2018-2019 there will be teams for both men and women. Every member of the Mahti sports club is welcome to join the training sessions. If you are interested in playing in one of the Mahti soccer or futsal teams, please contact the division by the email mentioned below. You can also join our facebook group.

If you got interested, come bravely to our trainings! See you in Atalpa! 

Contact information:

Soccer & futsal facebook group


Mahti football

Mahti football was established in 2019. Football division’s purpose is to increase knowledge of the sport and provide training possibilities for the sport in the university community of Tampere. Division organizes joint football practices for both rookies and more experienced players during the whole academic year. Women are also welcome in the practice. In addition, the division has a team which will take part in College football league from February to April.

In (the real) football there is a role for everyone, therefore anyone interested in the sport is welcome in our practice with low threshold. You are free and welcome to try the sport for three exercises before paying any semester membership.

More information:

jenkkifutis@akateeminenmahti.fi or

Instagram: @mahtikukot

Mahti aesthetic group gymnastics 

We offer training opportunities to students and staff who have experience in the aesthetic group gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics or flow gymnastics. The aesthetic group gymnastics division was established in spring of 2015. We train with a happy spirit and with a good tempo. We plan our own trainings, so everybody gets to influence our activity. Through our division you will also find people to join for a run or to the gym. Motivation is held high because of our team spirit, and we get to plan choreographies and perform in different events as representatives of Tampereen Akateeminen Mahti.

Contact information:


Mahti basketball

For basketball players, there is the Mahti Basketball division, where you can find teams for both men and women. Training sessions are open for everyone, even if you don’t feel like participating in games. See you on the court!

Basketball practices are organized weekly at Atalpa

Contact information:

Basketball Facebook page


Mahti volleyball

In our division we want to advance the recreation of volleyball and to gather together both students and staff together in the higher education community (TaY,TAMK) that play the sport. Our division have both a women’s and a men’s team that have room for more players! All students of the higher education community, as well as personnel are welcome to play!

Contact information:


Mahti horse riding

The goal of our activity is to advance the exercise of horce racing, horse riding and other forms of equestrianism. We also want to improve the recognizability of the sport in the higher education community. We organize for example visits to horse stables, try-out lessons, hikes, horse riding camps and other equestrianism related events. All students and staff in the higher education community (TaY, TTY, TAMK) that are interested in horses, whether if you’re a beginner or a more advanced horse rider, you are welcome to join our activities, depending on the level of requirement in events.

Contact Information:

Horse riding facebook group


Mahti floorball

Mahti Salibandy is the floorball division of Mahti, and is open for everyone interested in floorball, whether you’re an experienced player or just starting this fun hobby!

Mahti Floorball practices weekly at Atalpa

Contact information:

Floorball facebook page


Mahti badminton

Mahti badminton division warmly welcomes you to join! We want to support and advance the badminton hobby- and competition possibility in the higher education community (TaY, TTY, TAMK), and the Unipoli sport district. The badminton division organizes yearly in spring, the Tampere University badminton championships. In the competition, there is a competitive serie and a hobby serie. The game modes have been singles and doubles. Our future goal is to also have a mixed doubles serie in the competition.

Contact information:


Mahti american football

Mahti Cocks warmly welcomes you to join! We play the best quality American football in Tampere!

Contact information:


Sports club for students and staff of Tampere University and TAMK