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Indian dance experiment!

WHAT: Indian dance experiment
WHERE: Atalpa building, Tampere Universitet
WHEN: Wednesday 13th of April, 17.30-19.
COSTS: Free for the members of Utasport, 5,10e for others. http://www.utasport.fi/in-english/

WHAT KIND OF DANCE CLASS?: Bharatnatyam is an Indian classical dance form that originated in the temples of Southern India. It was practiced and performed by temple dancers who were called ‘Devadasis’ or ‘Servants of God’. Its origin dates back to 2000 years ago but the name Bharatnatyam is a recent term. The name has been derived from four important aspects of dance, namely Bha from Bhava meaning emotion, Ra from Raaga meaning music or melody, Ta from Taala meaning rhythm and Natya meaning dance story. Bharatnatyam is considered to be the mother art of most other classical dances of India and inspires many art forms like sculpture and paintings.

Class is been held in english.

ENROLMENT: via email: tuominen.nette.e@student.uta.fi
Please let us know if you are already a member of Utasport ry!


Saturday 2nd of April 2016 from 10.00 to 18.00
Location: Atalpa Sports Hall

Events & game types:

Men’s singles advanced
Women’s singles advanced

Men’s singles hobby
Women’s singles hobby

Men’s doubles
Women’s doubles

Mixed doubles

Registration fee is 5 euro/person.

REGISTRATION (deadline is 29th of March 2016): taffposti@gmail.com

Advanced events are played with feathers. Hobby events can be played with plastic shuttles. Players provide their own shuttles. Shuttles are also sold at the venue (cash payment only). All Unipoli Sport staff and students can participate. Limitations: one event/game type. It is possible to register to doubles and mixed-doubles without a partner. Unipoli Sport Fee is required, or one-time Atalpa fee (5 euro).

For more information: pekka.j.rantanen@uta.fi
phone: 044-9748337
Organiser: Tammerfors Akademiska Fjäderbollspelförening (TAFF)

Apply as a ”Sporttitutor”!

Time to apply: 15.2.-7.3. we’ll inform all applicants about recruiting in 2-3 weeks after the last day to apply. The term of sporttitutoring is around april 2016- february 2017.

Who is a Sporttitutor? Sporttitutor is a student who through their own energetic example inspire others to do sports. Sporttitutors organize small events, take you to get to try out different kinds of sports and promote alltogether the actions of Unipolisport and UtaSport sports organizations. Additionally, sporttitutors introduce new freshmen to the sports supply the Universities have to offer in the beginning of the fall. The goal for sporttitutoring is to bring sports closer to students, promote sports culture and offer new possibilities to find new preferable ways to move.

What is expected out of sporttitutoring? In order to apply for a sporttitutor you don’t have to be a top athlete. It is enough that you love sports yourself so much that you can share some of your positive energy and attitude to others as well. We also expect your commitment to the tutoring process, and hope that you would be ready to help also in the beginning of the autumn semester. It is a busy season in fall for sporttitutors. There will be “training sessions” in the during of spring, to which all sporttitutors are expected to participate.

Sporttitutors will organize:

* sports trial or event with a partner

* will be helping UtaSport in two of their events

* brief freshmen with universitys sports supply

All sporttitutors are rewarded with:

– to participate for free to the sports events and tryouts, which they organize

– reference for sporttitutoring (good working experience for CV)

– Valuable experiences of organizing events and coordinating groups

– 2 ECTS

– A relaxing reward social evening

Got interested? Apply by sending a free application on peltoniemi.eeva.m@student.uta.fi. Deadline for applications is Monday 7.3.2015 Write in your application why would you be a good sporttitutor and which student faculty organization you represent. Bring out your hobbies and also your studying and working plans for this year. For more information, please contact us.

Apply now!! You won’t regret it.

UtaSport’s Winter Sports Week 25. – 30.1.2016

Winter Sports Week 2016 is here! Check the schedule and join!
Notice! Be quick with enrolments, there is some limits!

SNOWSHOEING/SNOW WALKING (weather permitting!)
WHEN: 26.1. 18.00
WHERE: Kauppi
COST: free
WHAT DO I NEED: Outdoor clothes
INFO AND ENROLMENT: MON 10.1. – FRI 22.1. Enrolments are given to jhamalainen89(at)gmail.com. The limit is 20 people so be quick!

WHEN: 26.1. 15-18
WHERE: Sorsapuisto, sports field
COST: free
WHAT DO I NEED: Own skates, a helmet and a hockey stick
INFO: vilhartti.hanhilahti(at)student.uta.fi, 0408364823

WHEN: 27.1. 17:30
WHERE: Rauhaniemi’s sauna. Rauhaniementie 23B, 33180 Tampere
COST: 1,00e
WHAT DO I NEED: Swimsuit, a towel, a beanie and a water bottle. Flip-flops or some footwear like that are recommendable.
INFO AND ENROLMENT: 10.1. – 22.1. Enrolments are given to haavisto.hanna.kr(at)student.uta.fi. The limit is 20 people so be quick!

SNOW SOCCER (weather permitting!)
WHEN: 27.1. 17:00
WHERE: Sorsapuisto
COST: free
WHAT DO I NEED: outdoor clothes
INFO: karjanlahti.tuomas.p(at)student.uta.fi

UtaSport organizes an amazing downhill skiing trip to Himos on friday 29.1.!
The trip will start at 10:30 am in front of Tampere-talo and we will be back from Himos to Tampere around 7 pm.
The trip costs to UtaSports member only 16 € per person including transportation and ski pass for the day (regular price for the ski pass is 38 €). NOTICE: The membership to unipolisport (fee 65e) doesn’t include membership to UtaSport. You can get involved to this event even if you are not a member of UtaSport but then the trip cost 21 € per person. We have arranged special prices also for the equipment rental: alpine/snowboard set: 16€/day. At Himos there is some helmets and goggles for rental and the price is 5e/day. If you want to rent a helmet or goggles, you have to pay it by yourself at Himos.

Signing up is going in Monday 10.1. to Friday 22.1. – or as long as there are seats available in the bus, so be quick! Enrolment is BINDING and you can do it to this e-mail address: iivarinen.v.anniina@student.uta.fi, after that you will get the payment information. You have to pay all fees after signing up. Please write on the message your full name, e-mail address, phone number and the rental information (what do you want to rent, your height, weight and shoe size). If you are registered and you can not attend, please note that we do not refund your money without medical certificate!!
You can find further information about Himos in their website:http://www.himos.fi/en/. About the trip feel free to e-mail to Anniina Iivarinen for more information (iivarinen.v.anniina(at)student.uta.fi)
WHAT: Downhill skiing trip to Himos
WHEN: 29.1. , 10.30-19
WHERE: Himos, buss leaves in front of Tampere-talo at 10:30
TICKETS: 16e (member of UtaSport) / 21e for others. NOTICE: The membership to unipolisport (fee 65e) doesn’t include membership to UtaSport.

WHAT: UTA Equestrian Club PIFFI arranges a two-hour riding trip
WHERE: At Tuulensillan talli –stables in Viljakkala
WHEN: On Sat 30. January, departure from Tampere at 10am, be back around 2 or 3pm
WHO: Everyone with at least a little riding experience is welcome. Very little is enough, so if in doubt, please ask more information!
COST: 39 euros + gas
HOW TO JOIN: Email piffinhallitus(at)gmail.com on Fri 22. Jan at the latest. Please include your name, phone number, riding experience, and whether you can use a car to drive to the stables.

MON 25.1.
UtaLe Women: volleyball, Atalpa 19:00-20:30

WED 27.1.
UtaDance: show dance group, Atalpa 20:30-22:00
UtaLe Men: volleyball, Atalpa 17:30-19:00

THU 28.1.
TUSKA: floorball, Atalpa 15:00-16:00
DONKKI: basketball, Atalpa 18:30-20:00
UtaGymnastics: aesthetic group gymnastics, Atalpa 17:00-18:30


UtaSports nightfloorball tournament is here again!

This popular event is coming again at Wednesday 18.11. Games start at 18.30 and are played at Atalpa. The best team gets an award, but there is also a competition of which team is dressed the best and which team has the best team spirit!
So gather around a crazy team of at least four people and come and fight for the University’s championship and have a great time!

The participation fee is only 25e for the team.

The enrolment happens to Karjanlahti.Tuomas.P@student.uta.fi

In the enrolment tell the
– Name of your team
– If you played last year, the ranking you got
– Contact person’s name, email and phone number

The enrolment closes at 11.11. and the due date for the payment is at 12.11. The payment instructions are sent to the contact person after the enrolment closes. If you have your own stick take it with you, but there are also sticks at Atalpa that you can borrow.

After party
After the games the teams can go to YTHS sauna for free during 20-02. At the sauna there is also some snacks and alcohol free drinks for the teams! In the tournament there is some free snacks but take also your own snacks with you.