WHAT: Introduction to judo
WHERE: Atalpa building, Tampere University
WHEN: Thursday April 28, 14.00-15.30.
COSTS: Free for the members of Utasport, 5,10e for others. http://www.utasport.fi/in-english/

WHAT IS IT?: Judo (“the gentle way”) was created as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy in Japan, in 1882, by Jigoro Kano. Judo is generally categorized as a modern martial art that later evolved into a combat and Olympic sport. Evolving from jujutsu, judo has a heavy emphasis on throws, chokes, joint locks and holds, yet all the most dangerous techniques, such as strikes, have been removed.

In this experiment we intend to teach some basic things about judo, judo training and some self-defense tips. We also aim to teach some strength and agility exercises that people might be unfamiliar with.

There won’t be any throw, choke or joint lock training so the risk of injury is very low in this event. Normal sportswear is sufficient for this session.

ENROLMENT: email: santaharju.jaana.k@student.uta.fi
Please let us know if you are already a member of Utasport ry!