Saturday 2nd of April 2016 from 10.00 to 18.00
Location: Atalpa Sports Hall

Events & game types:

Men’s singles advanced
Women’s singles advanced

Men’s singles hobby
Women’s singles hobby

Men’s doubles
Women’s doubles

Mixed doubles

Registration fee is 5 euro/person.

REGISTRATION (deadline is 29th of March 2016):

Advanced events are played with feathers. Hobby events can be played with plastic shuttles. Players provide their own shuttles. Shuttles are also sold at the venue (cash payment only). All Unipoli Sport staff and students can participate. Limitations: one event/game type. It is possible to register to doubles and mixed-doubles without a partner. Unipoli Sport Fee is required, or one-time Atalpa fee (5 euro).

For more information:
phone: 044-9748337
Organiser: Tammerfors Akademiska Fjäderbollspelförening (TAFF)