WHAT: Indian dance experiment
WHERE: Atalpa building, Tampere Universitet
WHEN: Wednesday 13th of April, 17.30-19.
COSTS: Free for the members of Utasport, 5,10e for others. http://www.utasport.fi/in-english/

WHAT KIND OF DANCE CLASS?: Bharatnatyam is an Indian classical dance form that originated in the temples of Southern India. It was practiced and performed by temple dancers who were called ‘Devadasis’ or ‘Servants of God’. Its origin dates back to 2000 years ago but the name Bharatnatyam is a recent term. The name has been derived from four important aspects of dance, namely Bha from Bhava meaning emotion, Ra from Raaga meaning music or melody, Ta from Taala meaning rhythm and Natya meaning dance story. Bharatnatyam is considered to be the mother art of most other classical dances of India and inspires many art forms like sculpture and paintings.

Class is been held in english.

ENROLMENT: via email: tuominen.nette.e@student.uta.fi
Please let us know if you are already a member of Utasport ry!