Time to apply: 15.2.-7.3. we’ll inform all applicants about recruiting in 2-3 weeks after the last day to apply. The term of sporttitutoring is around april 2016- february 2017.

Who is a Sporttitutor? Sporttitutor is a student who through their own energetic example inspire others to do sports. Sporttitutors organize small events, take you to get to try out different kinds of sports and promote alltogether the actions of Unipolisport and UtaSport sports organizations. Additionally, sporttitutors introduce new freshmen to the sports supply the Universities have to offer in the beginning of the fall. The goal for sporttitutoring is to bring sports closer to students, promote sports culture and offer new possibilities to find new preferable ways to move.

What is expected out of sporttitutoring? In order to apply for a sporttitutor you don’t have to be a top athlete. It is enough that you love sports yourself so much that you can share some of your positive energy and attitude to others as well. We also expect your commitment to the tutoring process, and hope that you would be ready to help also in the beginning of the autumn semester. It is a busy season in fall for sporttitutors. There will be “training sessions” in the during of spring, to which all sporttitutors are expected to participate.

Sporttitutors will organize:

* sports trial or event with a partner

* will be helping UtaSport in two of their events

* brief freshmen with universitys sports supply

All sporttitutors are rewarded with:

– to participate for free to the sports events and tryouts, which they organize

– reference for sporttitutoring (good working experience for CV)

– Valuable experiences of organizing events and coordinating groups

– 2 ECTS

– A relaxing reward social evening

Got interested? Apply by sending a free application on peltoniemi.eeva.m@student.uta.fi. Deadline for applications is Monday 7.3.2015 Write in your application why would you be a good sporttitutor and which student faculty organization you represent. Bring out your hobbies and also your studying and working plans for this year. For more information, please contact us.

Apply now!! You won’t regret it.